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Windows 10 Build 18947 – New Start Menu, Emoji Picker

An internal build of Windows 10 with new a new Start menu experience present. Let’s take a look!

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  • Wheres the new start menu

  • How u get this new start menu

  • I think there was a comment somewhere that said that Windows 10 development will be reset like Longhorn did. This might happen.

  • wow creat a superior tile system that you odnt even suport then go backwards with this rubish. thiks microsft. wow maybe microsft should have made a built in editor for people to make ugly microsft tiles and lazy developer tiles into nice images. dont get nwhy i have to google everything, find third party solution in microsfts own os. no wonder theres no apps ion microsft store, no plex app, no kodi hdr cause kodi say windows is issue and no facebook app, lol microsft keep falling further away from the consumers. shield here i go. Move over asndroid.

  • Where is the new start menu? I am on version 2004 build 19624 and there is no new menu start lol.
    Settings has some changed, new icons are there but no new menu start.

  • Microsoft.. make Windows rounded, it’s more pleasing to the eyes

  • Can you do an installation tutorial, please?

  • It lookes very bad

  • ZorcZorc

    Author Reply

    To hell with that new start menu. Their design team these days is just following everybody else. SAD

  • This OS is Entering Windows 7 Levels of Start Menu chaos. I mean, come to think of it, the only thing that they ever change is the Taskbar and the Start Menu, and that's it. They Change the Taskbar and Start Menu to make it sound like new and call it a day. Well, IT'S NOT NEW. The Flat Design is getting old. Where's my Royale Theme? Or Aero? And we're starting to get to the point where Microsoft is getting Greedy. I just know this is gonna be bad. Windows 10X? More like Windows is 10X more awful than before!

    (Also I want the Windows 10X Start Menu for Windows 10 pls?

  • Nice

  • and in 2020 its still not even publicly talked about by microsoft

  • Im glad they didnt end up with this as the finsl

  • heck?

  • the

  • what

  • So ugly

  • Now we just need widgets for the desktop.


  • No please no

  • So, no more live tiles. Finally

  • I want this

  • Here is a question for Ms, when using dark mode in windows 10 why is the file copy dialog white?

  • It's ugly. Stop it.

  • I don’t like.

  • Whats that crap for real? Ditching tiles just because some fools dont like it? Please Microsoft stop listening to time free morons who doesnt have a life or even a real use of their brains.

  • BilalBilal

    Author Reply

    That sucks by the way ☹️

  • So this is the big reveal?


    Author Reply

    I'm a linux user and that start menu is much better. It serves its function and is much more intuitive than the previous one. I dont think anyone really uses the tiles anyway.

  • it is funny Microsoft apps like Office work better on my Mac than they used to on my Win pc

  • Why cannot Windows just look as good as KDE?

  • I think I won't be updating my windows anymore

  • i more love old start menu on windows 10
    this one looks like android or KDE Plasma thing

  • That's looking really rough!

  • Bro, how to get this version of windows?
    Windows update?? or this is insider?

  • Ugh… the ''suggested'' is a huge list on multiple rows. Not very nice.