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Welcome to my Top 5 Best Total War Games! In this video I go over my personal top 5 best Total War games, this list is completely subjective and should not be seen as a review of any kind, it is based purely on personal experiences.



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  • "if these reasons are not enough for you please remember that I dont give a shit" xdd Love you MrSmartDonkey <3

  • My only regret for Shogun 2 was no normal tensubo unit. I get there’s that hero unit but I wanted to be able to have a army of thic tensubo bois.

  • 3 kingdims was such a disapointment…
    I wish they would do a shot and pike era Toatal War game, an era between medieval and Empire

  • I really hope they keep the variety up. If every other game isn't my thing, that's fine sacrifice for the variety in fantasy and history.

    I hate that overly critical, pseudo-discerning type of "nerd" that always find shit to bitch about in an effort to appear like a real critcal.

    The more variety the better, in both history AND fiction. That type of reaching for some type of identity is more sad than sadistic, it can bottleneck CA into taking less risks to please a small minority of very vocal fans who can't stand when anything deviates from petulant expectations.

    Sorry to rant, I just blame the minority of loud shitty fans who want the same thing with updated graphics for us not getting another empire-esque game. They whined at CA enough that they took less risks.

  • Now that 3 kingdoms is out for a while, how do you place it? I quite enjoy it, and for me it feels like and updated shogun 2 in many ways.

  • G GG G

    Author Reply

    I dont know why after Med 2 the arrow shooting look like anime or cartoon?

  • RIP total war arena

  • The most amusing thing about Empire, and Empire II (*If it ever comes out), is that it is most possibly one of the least fantasy-adaptable out of all of the time periods Total War once and will cover (along with Napoleon). If there was going to be an Empire II, it'll possibly be a very bad kick to the nuts for Warhammer-fantasy fans (for 18th century line infantry combat like the old Empire), a very bad kick to the nuts to historical fans (if CA ever decides to go for steampunk Victorian for Empire II), or an actual decent game that appeases both sides (when it come to realistic gunpowder units and mixing them with Medieval-influenced melee units that might as well also appease melee/fantasy fans, basically an Empire II in the 16th or 17th century is what I'm trying to say).

  • please keep your death threats to a minimum hahaha

  • KevinKevin

    Author Reply

    Warhammer number 1

  • 6:53 "I these reasons are not enough for you, please remember: I don't give a shit." You are the man! 😃👍

  • Why is shogun 2 great? Answer. Samurai's don't use shields. The pure chaos you can create on the battlefield isn't dependent of cannons or linemen. It's a balance of ranged defense with melee and cavalry strategy. Just my opinion tho.

  • VivekVivek

    Author Reply

    Rome totalwar is always number one bcoz it's the one which started it all !

  • AJAJ

    Author Reply

    My first total war game was Rome total war then medieval 2 so there my favourites

  • No hate but med 2 should have been number 1. With the multiplayer it's just clearly better compared to other total wars.

  • Good list. I grew up looking forward to when the very first game, Shogun would come out as I was following it in the magazines. Medieval 2 was probably the one I have played the most over the years. Didn't play any after that one till Shogun 2. Trying to play Atilla now as that is the last one I got with a graphics card years ago. I enjoy it, but still find it rather frustrating with some things I don't like about it. Thinking of uninstalling it and reinstalling Shogun 2.

  • Where is the best total war game ever rome 2

  • i Tried lot of Total War games and my favorite is Shogun 2

  • Empire and Medieval had something that all of the subsequent games lost and that is, the tech-tree having a visual impact in-battle. And trade determining the success of your faction. It’s been lost and it needs to come back.

  • Medieval total war 2 👌
    Crusade and Mongols 👍👍

  • Napoleon

  • empire and napoleon?????????????????????????????

  • It's between Shogun 2, Medieval 2 and Rome 1 for me, but I like them all for what they bring to the table.

  • I was 20 when the original Shogun Total War came out and I loved the genre up until Empire. Empire had potential but was full of memory leaks/bugs that were never really fixed. I switched to the grand strategy genre not long after that and I just can't play these games for more than a few hours without getting bored now. So looking back on the franchise, if I had to pick one as a favourite in terms of how much fun I had at the time, I'd say Medieval II

  • It seems that we are never going to get that one RTS game with a ranking system which all strategy fans all over the world can join which is balanced, symmetrical, about STRATEGY and TACTICS, and thus without a steep learning curve, DLC's, frustrating tediocity, endless upgrading, lack of means to truly organize your armies, chaotic micro-management, bug free and whatever else horse crap. Revenues is the only thing these game developers and publishers care about mesmerizing you into buying their trash with their awesome artistic skills instead of creating a quality game with a great game play.

  • KuroKuro

    Author Reply

    Lmao my first total war game were Rome when I was 6 I watched my father played it and with 12 I started play myself
    Now I'm 17 if there is someone interested
    No? Ok…

  • I think Empire is best in Campaign and naval warfare.Shogun2/Fots are best in online pvp and art, music, picture, menu, music. Med 2 is best in sieges. Warhammer 2 is best in diversty. TKO have best refined diplomacy but it is worst total war in total

  • Rom3Rom3

    Author Reply

    you said it i too dont like this 3:49 just too much BS for a game

  • My favorite is Rome 2

  • 6:56 true 😂

  • We all have different opinions. If we go by what was most groundbreaking it is without a doubt Rom total war. But the best game currently is Warhammer 2 in mortal empire with all its features. Shogun 2 is probably my 2 pick. Three kingdoms was a disappointment. But again this is just my opinion.

  • We want TW Medieval 3

  • Future content they need to make star wars total war i would loooove that

  • PridePride

    Author Reply

    Rome 1 is too for me med 2 and rome 2 and Shogun 2 close 4th and 5th I would say barb invasion cuz it's a stand alone

  • 9:44 — Biased since you haven't played vanilla M2:TW, but the best agent to get attached to is the Merchant from M2:TW. A good merchant basically carried a huge part of your economy and losing him felt devastating.

  • 1 rome 2
    2) medieval 2
    3)shogun 2
    4) attila
    5) empire

  • "If these reasons are not enough for you, please remember i don't give a shit" brilliant.

  • 1. ROME ll
    2. Empire
    3. Napoleon
    4. Attila
    5. Shogun 2

  • Shogun 2 is my favorite

  • With the changes brought in three kingdoms they should remake all their other games with all the mechanics

  • NO, you don't just call them Orks, sir! You call them DA ORKS!!! WAAAAAAAGH!!!

  • For me, Medieval II was the best. It took everything that made Rome I great and improved upon it.

  • Medieval 3 or Medieval 2 Remaster. That needs to happen. As fun Warhammer is right now, I want to downhill charge some peasants with thundering heavy knights without having to worry about a wizard or trolls.