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Hi everyone,👋😊 ❤️✨ *´꒳`*
Ok, so I had so much fun making this video, I really hope you’ll have as much fun while playing this game/quiz. You can get to test your BTS knowledge by watching this video. Of course if you get a low score, that doesn’t mean you are a bad ARMY or you know nothing about BTS, so please don’t worry too much! I made this video just for fun, and to be honest, I don’t think I would finish this game with full score 😀
And as always,
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❌ All credit goes to the rightful owners
❌No copyright infringement intended
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Bye, bye! ʢᵕᴗᵕʡ


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  • I don’t need to know these questions to love BTS and there music.🤍🤍🤍💜💚💜

  • i love them im 18 and im listening to them 7 years and all day all night im on comp every day and i listen to them and all night with my earphones and when my phone has the low battery and its not singing i cry and i cant sllep then i turn the 4 hours version and listen to them im saving up for the comcert i really want to go im doing my best and i want them to only smile to me and i want to hug them but i know that im not allowed but ill try my best and one more thing i want to tell u is that i LOVE them and if your the hater YOU THE BIGGEST trush dont make me cry pls and why your even hating somebody did they kill somebody did they do something bad to you pls dont hate hate is really bad thing!

  • I was almost 4 years in the fam but I got 12 wrongs 😆🙈

  • Of course namjoon doesn't have a drivers license because he is the
    "God of Destruction"

  • I think hoseok made a song that is for her mother and its called "MAMA"

  • Let's be honest , I got 20 only, 💜💜💜💜

  • I made a video on this. Check it out😁👍🏻

  • I got 27
    I think I did pretty good.

  • Me:*when webtoon find the save me screenshot came*


    video:*next question*

    Me:"wait- i didnt-

  • I got 23 i think cause i got 27 wrong answers huhu

  • I never count scores for BTS quiz cuz I just wanna play along 😂

  • Please kpup

  • Please please

  • Hangi uygulama ile yapıyorsun lütfen bana da söyle zaten farklı ülkelerde yaşıyoruz sana engel olmam

    Please tell me with which application you are doing. We already live in different countries.

  • my 99 percent because i don,t no who car of yoongi

  • I got 10 wrong xD

  • I stan them last year in Jun until now . And I got 38 and its good for newbie hehe . I'm proud of myself tho ❤

  • You know, you are a real army if you really love bts, you are not a real army only if you know a few things about them.You love BTS ,You are a real ARMY.💜💜

  • 29!!

  • I have only 21/50😭😭tell me I'm bad army😭😭😭🥺😢💜

  • 31/50 😔

  • One question, which members is not there in the song Lost?

  • I only got 27/50 but still i love their music and them💜

    Sincerely a fan since 2014💜

  • I started counting my scores but lost track of them 🤣😂🤣😂

  • this is so hard

  • I got 25 correct answers😍 this was a tough quizz

  • I got all of them rite

  • I'll got 13 😞

  • I got 33/50 Nahh this is so (HARD) Next time ill do my best do get 50/50

  • I got 3 wrong

  • lililili

    Author Reply

    47/50 💜

  • I got all right

  • I have 7 mistakes.😭💔😂💜

  • I got 29/50. Oof

  • So im the only one who got more thank half correct?

  • Am i the only one who got alot of correct answers thanks to the bang bang con?

  • I got 27 wrong and I’ve been an army for 3 years… I-

  • All the stalker of BTS gets it all right

  • EliEli

    Author Reply

    50/50 standart brate

  • 22/50…. Not great, but two months ago it would have been zero, so….

  • You are a Real ARMY but you did gets all right it's OK being a REAL ARMY Doesn't base on this test

    You can't call yourself a ARMY because you gets the test all right, You can call yourself a ARMY if you support them, Love them all and Don't judge them.

    A lots of people looking on their looks and they can't see their talent and judging them on their looks and that's a BTS bashers

    I'am a ARMY and I don't rate their looks their are all Handsome inside and outside and they're all talented

    Edit: I hope a lots of people can see this

  • yessssssssss i got full marks 100 yesss i am an army from their debut yesss

  • you troll

  • It doesnt matter that you got it wrong it matters that u love them so much and their music and will be by their side forever

  • 20

  • SnLSnL

    Author Reply

    I got half of them wrong lol but your still a army everyone knows even if you don’t know them well they still consider you as an army >3