Saying Goodbye To Chain Chronicle.

Today I will explain what is happening to this game. Also I will be showing you a couple of things about there Brave Frontier giveaway, and how to re-download the game. Thank you for watching, and please leave a like and subscribe. Also thank you Chain Chronicle’s I will miss and hope the Anime can bring justice to the game.

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  • I really want the game to come back is the Japanese version still up

  • RikkaRikka

    Author Reply

    Well….it's now 2020 but, still sad about that. I played so hard to get the characters T_T. And I still play to the end of day.

    Btw I don't really like BF, it's boring T_T and also very very heavy game

  • Im literally crying rn its so nostalgic i think im gonna faint, i made so much memories of this game

  • It's been almost 4 years and this game hasn't came back. Gumi should be happy that many want it back. All their other games aren't as fun as chain chronicle was. Pls hope that this year, they'll bring it back.

  • KopieKopie

    Author Reply

    Just heard this game. Fuck!

  • TamenTamen

    Author Reply

    Every year I watch this video to remind myself that there was once a good mobile game.

  • 4 years… i played f2p have so much 80 lvl chars -so much 5* weapon and have 80 rank but…why? -> I never understand that question answers. Thanx gumi.

  • ..that’s not true…I still have the app and it works…😶

  • It used to be my favourite game and now I feel empty not being able to play it.
    Tried to play the jp ver. But it can t give me the same joy I had over the english ver. Not being able to understand anything in the story and only doing battles gets boring really fast unfortunately


  • ah, today I remembered about this game and I was like, "Oh YEAH! that was a good game!" So I went online and I was trying to find it, however, as you know, I learned that it was taken down, and so I really regret not playing it again. The reason why I stopped was because my server was so full I wasn't able to play the game whatsoever

  • Why did they make this an anime? Where they trying to revive it?

  • So that's what happened to this game… I remember I used to play it all the time just to see all the new characters and all the different locations you could to with new stories. I loved this game and when I saw it wasn't on play store anymore I thought it was just my phone because I had gotten a new one… Just watching this made my heart break in two and gave me so many memories of when I used to play it with my sister… I'm glad I finally know what happened to this game thanks to this video… This game was truly a master piece that will stick in my heart for many years to come…

  • I loved this game, was so sad to see it go

  • 2 years later, I'm still in tears everytime I hear this music.

    And the petition (if it's even an official) isn't going anywhere as well.

    CC will always be missed.

    It's overused but.. it was by far my greatest experience I've ever experienced in my 18 years of living, not even any console/PC game managed to top that.

  • Its almost the end for 2017, still reminiscing the bonds we have with my party in this game. I would never forget the hardships we've gone thru and the happiness in every achievements we have. It was Guild built to last in my heart. I truly love this game

  • use this link , you can open it with mobile browser. Captains try this for SIGN UP WHILST USING YOUR MOBILE PHONE: CURRENTLY AT 863 signatures at this time.

  • i still missing it, until now u.u

  • Man, I wanted to play the game, so I could understand the anime. I don't know, does it still make sense to watch if you don't know the characters?

  • Well good news is that Chain Chronicle has a sequel being the Anime currently being air this season. Bad news is the anime follows the Bad Ending of the game.

  • Damn I didn't even know this game shut down….haven't played it in so long….wish I could've got my refund on the crap load of prisma I had bought.

  • Ever since I watched the new chain chronicle movie it reminded me of my old account of chain chronicle. I remember when my first recruit was aludra I was so freakin happy

  • why the game always said "there was an error to connecting to the server".. help me please, i wanna play this game again..

  • Its been SO long since I've started the game. It hurts me so much to see this video, but it just shows who well the game was with all the supporters down here. Also, I was wondering… Do you think it would be possible to download the JP version? I mean, make an account for the JP version. Maybe? Maybe… Ugh I remember how it all ended. I got booted at the very last moments… I was in Colosseum. I made my life goal, to reach top 100. And I did too. I was so proud… I miss you game, may Phantom of the kill live on as my sub…

  • clinging the past is hard for me. but still, i missed my team so much

  • man just looking back at this just makes me feel sad