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Nice to meet you, Mr. Meat.

Did you know you can die from Chinese hair dye?

Honey, I won 1000 dong in Vietlott!

What did you buy these four forks for?

You’ve got to write the right words, all right?

Dan rode his bike down a dirt road.

If you could be a bee, would you be happy?

Will alcohol affect the effects of this medicine?

Dan blew a big blue bubble.

There are some problems with their son that they’re unable to fix.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Hey, I’m trying to sell some of my brain cells. Want ‘em?

That’s not a knot. This is a knot.

I sew so beautifully, don’t I?

Where do you think I should wear my new hat?

Bye, I’m gonna go buy a bike at the bike shop by the bank.

Dan’s son loves the sun.

Hey, let’s share these pairs of pears.

Oooh, is my heel ever gonna heal?

Who are you talking to?
My two other boyfriends, who are toooooo cute!

Wow, I have such a beautiful left eye.

I put a flower in my flour.

Eh, I’m gonna wait till tomorrow to start losing weight.

This is my hourglass!
No, no. It’s our hourglass now. Take it boys.

Ah, a cold beer and a piece of pizza. I’m at peace.

Aw, man. This whole shirt is full of holes.

Oh, you poor thing. Let me pour your some whiskey.

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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