look what finally came back to boom beach…

Finally, the best Prototroop is here in Boom Beach! Rainmakers are back!
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Boom Beach is a strategy game and combines attacks on other players with attacks against computer based bases. The game’s story-line is set in a tropical archipelago with the player on an island with defenses and troops (similar to the gameplay in Supercell’s Clash of Clans game) Players can build their base, upgrading their defenses and other buildings, and unlock troop upgrades. Boom Beach includes single player campaign play as well as the ability to attack other players in multiplayer mode. It has been a top 10 game in 22 countries at its launch. The game pits the player vs. an enemy known as “The Blackguard” who are often represented by Lt. Hammerman. Apart from the main aspect of the game, there is also a cooperative form where you create task forces. Everyone must gather Intel (whether it be by surviving or ordering attacks, or by rewards), where then upper classed players then attack bases. Each attack lasts a day, with a varying amount of Intel in order to initiate, and the bases are separated from archipelago. (Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.)

Outro song
Track: Sk-Hall & Ludwiig – New Beginning [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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  • u don’t need to land bullit, just shuck the lunches

  • I love boom beach

  • 2:40 Bullet are u ok Says the Rainmaker Rainmaker "Treads Over Bullets dead body" lol Like

  • If u want to join the clan of cosmic duo which is for level close to 30 join clan 'LEGEND WARRIORS'

  • Why did you even bother with switching them 0:58

  • We need more tips how can I get it.. Thanks for making this vedios..

  • Someone knows why only level 68 bases are popping up on the map lately? How can I even clear the map if I can't even attack one of those bases because they're too difficult to destroy? I'm level 59, hq 20 with 570 medals

  • Moving mortars

  • Take doctor Kavan and with rainmakers use 1 or 2 boat full of heavies

  • I am at level 40 and players above 66 are popping out… What should I do?

  • Ребята, хотим пригласить желаюших людей в клан slikc, с нетерпениям ждем вас

    Guys, we want to invite people to the clan of slikc, we look forward to seeing you

  • What prototroop is better?
    Like: rain maker

  • Does anyone else notice how the Rainmakers went from requiring 15 energy per boat to just 6 energy per boat? I never thought that they would buff the Rainmakers!

  • This prototroop is great but unfair…either it should have lesser life or it should be in range of boom canon and canons

  • Look whats here

  • I reme mber seeing these out yesterday and I thought of your channel

  • I love the rain makers and yesterday when I got them I pushed from luitenent to captain 368medals

  • Please join my task force name big bosss leader Shyam I will make you leader

  • i used a strategy where i farm gbe and if there is hotpot, i will throw critters and when hotpot pops up, i shock it and spam barrage and artillery.

  • Thanks boom beach. Now I get raided 900 times a day..
    But on the bright side, I get to win so much per day

  • Im level 42 in boombeach

  • Best game unit!

  • I’m struggling with only 3 engine rooms any tips for 3 engine room warship base

  • Can you speak German