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HSK 5 Vocabulary List (1,300 words in 90 min)

This video presents the 1,300 words of the official list of vocabulary required to pass the New HSK test level 5. These words are the most common Chinese ones, after those from levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Discover for each word its:
– hanzi writing (simplified Chinese characters),
– pronunciation (Mandarin Chinese)
– pinyin (phonetic transcription)
– main meaning in English.

You just need less than 90 minutes to review the whole list of the HSK5. The video behaves like a dock of flashcards. You have a little moment before the pronunciation to try to remember how to pronounce the word, and what it means.
For more practice of the HSK level 5 word list, or for any other one, visit and select your level, or go directly to

Learn Chinese smarter with HSK Academy

Nguồn: https://formazione.eu.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://formazione.eu.com/tong-hop/

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  • Most of the words are spell incomplete. First part are missing in soo many words.

  • Good compilation..

    Dajia Ni Hao!
    Could you pls help me here..

    "I will not let you go" translated in Mandarin is
    1- Wǒ bù huì ràng nǐ zǒu!
    Hui Shi
    2- wo bù rang ni qu!

    Xian xiè xiè le !

  • The English translation ought to be in audio as well..

  • 请问,这些单词怎么使用?,我觉得你们该对学者提供丰富例子不然的话,背诵多单词没那么积极的教学方法哦。

  • AB0:07 C5:16 D12:22 EF17:41 G21:10 H27:17 J31:01 K38:28 L40:27 M44:30 N47:36 OP49:00 Q51:28 R55:00 S56:48 T1:04:44 W1:08:12 X1:11:45 Y1:17:17 Z1:22:59

  • 谢谢 😍

  • 爱惜时间

  • 爱护公物

  • 太阳🌞已经落山,天色渐渐暗下来了。

  • zl2 bichj amjagu bhd bur 3 4 hanz yva shgad bhi

  • fk

  • Very very nice video. Thanks a lot for teaching us Chinese language.
    Love from Pakistan Lahore Changa Manga Waan Khara

  • This video helps a lot! 非常感谢!

  • Actually it’s not really standard because it’s pronounced by machine! Be a Chinese native speaker, the pronunciation is really funny lol

  • I love it

  • 19 / 10 / 2019 i watched all but too long , 20 minte is good for video

  • creepy accent like a robot

  • 有一天吧..

  • ประเทศจีนดีนะ

  • Does anyone has the Hsk 5 text and work books to share?

  • Lots of incorrect tones

  • some of the stroke is wrong, look carefully. Please review it again.

  • I don't know the meaning of "HSK".

  • 谢谢

  • Cho e hỏi này đu 2500 hsk 5 lun k ak

  • That’s cool. 好棒啊!

  • YapzYapz

    Author Reply

    我在听力部分碰到那么多不认识的词语。查这个列表那些词语就不存在。难怪我的听力得分很差。 So many words that doesn't exist in this list just appear in listening test….

  • Many thanks!!!!!!

  • 中文比英文更困难, 但我想学习它, 我希望这个频道可以提供帮助

  • 大家看看30'20到30'22 的那个灰的写法,Haha 真是前不见古人 后不见来者。。。哈哈哈我的牙都快笑得掉光了。Dear chinese beginners ,please watch out that word'灰' that was ridiculous and absolutely wrong.

  • 这二百五发音还教别人


  • 非常感谢🙏🏽

  • 保存听成包子?

  • 我真的学习新单词然后这个很有用,谢谢

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1ek5CzeRJA

  • Thêm tiếng viêt nưa thì tốt quá

  • 谁会帮我学中文?对我来说这视频没那么仔细呀,因为 每一个词语没有给外国人解释。

  • A: 00:00 B: 0:53 C: 5:17 D: 12:22 E: 17:42 F: 17:50 G: 21:11 H: 27:16 J: 31:01 K: 38:29 L: 40:28 M: 44:31 N: 47:34 O: 48:59 P: 49:08 Q: 51:28 R: 55:00 S: 56:47 T: 1:04:44 W: 1:08:12 X: 1:11:45 Y: 1:17:17 Z: 1:22:58

  • 这发音是机器音吗,感觉和中国大学英语四六级考试听力口音一样啊,这位女士真是跨足多国语言考试啊

  • 我们听这个中文读音就好像母语为英语的人听我们的四六级考试听力一样难受