Gameboys | Episode 1: Pass or Play? | [ENG SUB]


Chapter 1: Pass or Play?

Cairo is raring for a rematch after his sudden defeat in a popular mobile game. But his opponent Gavreel wants something in return.

STARRING: Kokoy De Santos and Elijah Canlas
DIRECTED BY: Ivan Andrew Payawal
WRITTEN BY: Ash M. Malanum

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  • Série maravilhosa

  • In fairness naman, nakakakilig pero walang ilangang naganap talaga? HAHA

  • bat naka tingin parin ako sa subtitle? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  • The both are so cute😍 good story good actors. support from Thailand.👍🏻

  • legit yung feeling cause we can all relate ahahahah

  • I feel like I’m invading their privacy 😂

  • Potanginaaa bat ngaun ko lng naisipan na panoorin tooo!!!

  • I want more Filipinos BL series

  • agos.agos.

    Author Reply

    tan chamuyero ibas a ser


  • Unexpectedly kinilig ako dam! That chills my bones!

  • Amooooo.!!! Me encanto enserio ❤️🤍

  • Na all ❤❤❤

  • they both are so cute!!!!!!

  • IevaIeva

    Author Reply

    what the frick this is so cute

  • I was unsure about this because of the format that's being used to tell the story, but I have to say it works really well with the story they're telling, it makes sense in the context of the story, and I like that it uses it in a unique way that keeps it from being boring. So far I'm really liking it. Also I'm getting hella fuckboy vibes from Gavreel and I don't know how I feel about it. At some points I have to roll my eyes really hard and then other times I can't help but smile at the cheesiness of it all. Anyway, I really like the show so far and can't wait to watch more.

  • Cairo is adorable it makes me wanna protect him

  • ang galeeeng

  • bkt ganun nakakakilig haha

  • Aym from thaileendd I love thiss ahhhhhh good thing Alam ko Tagalog

  • Yung pinaka nadisappoint ako habang nanonood, ay yung comment section. Ako kasi yung tipong nanonood habang nagbabasa ng comment section, kaya nadisappoint ako.

    Yung tipong gusto mo lang good vibes lang tsaka puro lang mga hirit tungkol sa series ang makikita mo, mga spoken phrases nila na kinilig ka, or yung mga eksena nila na awestruck ka. Pero sad to say, puro comparisons lang ang meron at talagang dinidiscredit nila yung effort ng another bl creator. We get it that the other 'hot mentioned series' lack in so many things lalo na sa acting, pero sana, maging aware naman tayo na pinoy lang din tayong lahat dito, we just embark this type of genre, kaya marami pang lacking kasi low budget atsaka mga inexperienced actors ang isasabak, pero sana, lets not bring our fellow filipino down. I hope we all could enjoy this series without thinking of comparing it to another. Di man natin maiwasan pero sana good vibes lang ang comment section kasi may eng sub, di magtatagal rarami din ang foreign viewers kaya di magging magandang example ang toxic na comment section natin. Kasi karamihan satin, nag eenglish pa naman. Eh damang dama talaga ng mga foreigners ang comment natin eh no? Malalaman nila na masyado tayong toxic. Kaya sana, maging less ang pagiging toxic natin dito. Para naman maenjoy din nila yung pagbabasa ng comments natin.

  • I usually watch Thai and C BL dramas but this is good kahit ba na wala silang interaction in real life hopefully this one can have a production where the actors will interact with each other, of course after ng Pandemic pa 😂

  • When will episode 3 be released?

  • ang galing ng chemistry heheh!

  • hbdwjhbd THIS IS TOO GOOD! SUCH A FRESH CONCEPT! Instead of the normal high school/college engineer thing this is very different! And omg the characters r just so cute hehe