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7-segment Training Tesseract

this video is how to make 7-segment recognizer
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Nguồn: https://formazione.eu.com/

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  • THX!!! Brooo)

  • do you know how to add font to tool?

  • I install the custom font but it won't appear in the program, what should I do?

  • what is the version you used for jTessBoxEditor

  • can i get your trained data ?

  • What if I have two different tif files, can I combine both of them?

  • i did the same as you did, but when try to test OCR, no output is coming..can i tell me what is the problem.?

  • Come on man, why do you have this shit music

  • KhanKhan

    Author Reply

    Now working fine but the problem is with language as it contain only few language
    is it possible to train Chinese characters ?

  • KhanKhan

    Author Reply

    Serak Shiferaw,
    I install it successfully but it can't work is there any way to …

  • A KrA Kr

    Author Reply

    Where can I get Generate Tiff/box

  • Y FmY Fm

    Author Reply

    yimechesh abo

  • Except that Digital Dream is not a 7-segment font and, moreover, it is not even realistic. Though it looks to be inspired by 16-segment digital display, it uses 20 segments instead.

  • THANKS!!!

  • can you do it for dot matrix display digits

  • will this method work if I want to extract the handwritten datas from an image into a text file??

  • this is great, thanks man!

  • I did this and it's working perfect, except it recognize 1 as I, what can I do ?

  • Thanks!!!!

  • where can i download jTessBoxEditor… Please link me bro.. thank you for your vdo

  • I'm following your video, and make it at step " combine tessdata " and it's error with this text

    " Could not find file 'D:trainingTrainDatanormproto' ."

    and What should I fix it sir?

  • Work well on XP 32bit
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  • The app is frozing on Window7 64bit. Why? Thanks

  • I also am facing some issues here.. Can you suggest me a better program to accomplish this. Attaching the sceenshot. 


  • Hi,

    I tried this tutorial and it doesn't work for my installation (Win7). The problem is that in point 4 "Combine TessData" in Serak Trainer the file normproto is missing. I have no idea why this file was not created during point 3 in Serak Trainer.

  • Hi,
    Is there somewhere that I can download your traineddata file please ?