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48 HOURS in SEOUL – Luxury Travel Guide in Seoul Korea

Spending $20,000 on a 48 hour luxury 5 Star travel trip to Seoul South Korea. In this video I give a comprehensive review of Asiana Airlines Business Class plane seat and show you the top things to do in Seoul, South Korea travel guide!

Thanks to Asiana Air and Incheon Airport for partnering with me on this video!

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  • Mongolia!!!!!!!!

  • 우와 한국오셨었네요♡

    지금은 코비드19때문에/코로나때문에
    명동 , 남대문 등 너무 한산합니다.
    빨리 여행객들이 이 영상처럼 다시 많이 와주셨으면
    대한민국을 좋은 영상에 담아 주셔서
    진심으로 감사드립니다.

  • 뿌듯하네요 (Thank you I could be laugh while I watch this video)

  • Honestly.. He left out almost all the best parts about korea xD

  • i'm Korean and I think he experienced more in Korea than I ever did in my life XD

  • visit new zealand too

  • korean culture is copied from china lol scrubs

  • Next should be Japan <3

  • how bts is living 😭

  • Wow this video is really great. I hope I can move to South Korea when I´m older

  • You must try and visiting Saipan, it’s beautiful and amazing there.

  • Your beard is terrible, you look like handsome Jack from borderlands.

  • 와.. 서울 가고싶네..

  • It surprises me on how many people are unaware of how awesome Seoul is and what the city offers to the visitors. It's a vibrant city with long history and heaps of fun stuff to do in all four seasons. It is also one of the safest places I have ever been to.

  • You should do belgium

  • Japan

  • DeeCiDeeCi

    Author Reply

    한국 문화 짱

  • Source on Incheon airport being rated best? Skytrax rated it #3 for 2019 and has given #1 to Singapore for the last 7 years in a row.

  • !WELCOME TO KOREA! I recommend you to go to Busan next time. There is a wonderful city as well in Korea 🙂

  • I like and love Korea.

  • Sr VeSr Ve

    Author Reply

    Can we get a price breakdown?

  • My favourite country after Australia is South Korea. Love their food, language, culture, fashion, music, movies and dramas.

  • Are u rich?

  • Seoul, epic city! Best year of my life living there. Can't wait to go back after quarantine! If you're into nutrition, fitness and life in Hong Kong check me out 🌆😊

  • 다 가졌네

  • FoxicFoxic

    Author Reply

    men he is so fit

  • You are scammed your tour should’ve costed $200 a day

  • awesome video

  • I recommend you to visit Brazil. It’s a beautiful country

  • Looks like all the money way spent on the plane tickets
    Didn’t actually go or do anything luxurious in Seoul

  • 한국인분들아 그래서 한국 여행이 어땠는지 말하는거 해석 좀 해주세요

  • Please came to India please

  • Who is he dressed so formally

  • your girlfriend is super-model level attractive. wow!

  • Except the business class flight, his tour in South Korea is not luxious at all.. not even close..

  • I like asianairline, their food is so good and so on the movie, games, chairs. And attendants r so beautiful lol.

  • 와 나도 서울구경가보고싶다
    외국인들이 나보다 서울구경 많이가네..

  • I did a weekend in Seoul hoped to see the JSA area of the border with N.Korea but visits were closed and had to settle for the DMZ tour which was also cool. Street food was great and meerkats were cool. had Just came from Bangkok and HongKong so was cool to be able to compare the three back to back.

  • so.. $ 15000 for flight $4000 for hotel?

  • Cat cafe, implying “HELP WE ARE EATING CATS”

  • Changgi Airport Is the Best lol

  • go to Bali please

  • Singapore's airport is still unbeatable to me tho

  • 2 days in Seoul is way too short

  • Nice very luxurious.. hope to meet you soon!

  • XeroXero

    Author Reply

    Enjoyed your video! Only negative comment is the music you added in the background for your video at 5:24. It's like a generic Chinese theme you hear in old cartoons.